The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund is offered by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, a self-supporting public agency, using funds provided by the US Treasury.

What is the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund?

Many North Carolina homeowners are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss or reduction of income through no fault of their own or because of an unforeseen temporary financial hardship, such as a divorce, serious illness, sickness or health problems, or death of a co-signer. The Fund also assists military veterans who are seeking work or in long-term job retraining for a new civilian career after being honorably discharged. If you are searching for help or free counseling to prevent your home from being foreclosed, be assured that you are not alone and there is help and information available. The NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund is here to help you avoid foreclosure on your home.

The Mortgage Payment Program offers zero-interest loans of up to $36,000 to pay your mortgage and other related expenses for up to 18 months. The loan can also be used to bring mortgage payments current. Effective August 1, the maximum assistance period will be 18 months.

The Principal Reduction Recast/Lien Extinguishment Program helps you if you are re-employed or now have a fixed income after an eligible hardship but are earning less and can no longer afford your mortgage payment by reducing your principal balance to make your monthly payment more affordable.

Find out if you are eligible and can apply for the NC Foreclosure Prevention Fund programs here.

Avoid Scams: Foreclosure help is free through our counseling partners. The NC Attorney General's Office provides information on how to recognize and avoid scams. Stay safe and secure with more information.